With Love From Nebo

4 pack cans


a west coast double india pale ale dry-hopped with citra, mosaic, strata and talus cryo.

Mashed with a beefed up blend of local barley malt along with a touch of flaked wheat and dextrin malt for a silky and smooth body. Hopped intensely, utilizing some new favorite methods, with a choice blend of hand-selected mosaic, citra, strata and talus cryo.

Inspired and imagined up by a single IPA under a similar moniker we released earlier this year, With Love From Nebo represents the elevated and amplified iteration. Utilizing the same hops from the original recipe, but a whole lot more, this west coast DIPA boasts an assertive yet balanced bitterness. Brilliantly clear and bursting with tropical and temperate hops, we get intense notes of ambrosia salad, peach jolly ranchers, jammy orange marm and pāte de fruit grapefruit candy.

ABV: 8.2%

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