We’ve Changed

4 pack cans


An unfiltered double india pale ale dry-hopped with hand-selected mosaic, zamba and sitiva

We’ve changed. Or maybe you’ve changed? I think we can agree that we’ve all changed a little, and also continue to do so. Change can certainly be beautiful and we think the second in this new hazi boi series is a perfect example of a glorious change in our brewing style. We’ve spent a lot of time learning from some of the best who do it, and we think it shows.

Mashed with a mindful blend of local pilsner malt, flaked oats, a touch of raw heritage red turkey wheat along with Appalachian water from our wells. Fermented with a new house favorite low flocc yeast strain for a turbid appearance and luxurious mouthfeel. Hopped intensely with a bursting tropical blend of our hand-selected mosaic along with new and exciting peach creamsicle-forward sitiva and pineapple-forward zamba hops.

Okay fine, you’re right. We have definitely changed. But one sip of this double hopped juice bomb and we are sure you’ll be glad we did.

ABV: 8.2%

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