Well, Well, Well

4 pack cans


a gluten-reduced west coast india pale ale dry-hopped with mosaic, simcoe and talus cryo.

***Contains Gluten***

Mashed with local barley malt along with a dash of flaked oats for mouthfeel and foam stability. Fermented with our house favorite west coast IPA yeast strain for a decidingly dry and crushingly crisp finish. Hopped intensely with an alluring blend of hand selected mosaic and simcoe along with talus cryo.

Created with gluten-containing grains, we utilized a product known as clarity ferm to help reduce the gluten that would normally be present. Though not officially gluten free, this enzyme helps to reduce levels and makes it more digestible for some individuals.

Bursting with incredibly aromatic tropical and citrus hops and backed with assertive bitterness, this west coast banger is so crisp and delicious, you won’t miss that extra glob of gluten one bit.

For years, folks have asked us to work on a gluten-reduced beer and with an increasing number of our own family and friends experiencing a gluten-reduced lifestyle, it was finally time for us to oblige.

ABV: 7%

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