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500 ml bottle


Appalachian Wild Ale Fermented with Petit Manseng Grapes.

Appalachian Wild Ale mashed with local barley and local raw wheat. Boiled with burlap-aged
hops. Fermented with our mixed house cultures in one of our big beautiful oak foeders, meticulously crafted by our friends at Foeder Crafters of St. Louis, Missouri. Transferred into oak barrels for 4-6 months of aging. Transferred out of oak onto a delicate amount of local petit manseng grapes, harvested in late summer of 2019. Fermented and aged on the grapes for 3-4 months and transferred back into red wine barrels for further maturation. From there, this lovely beer rested in barrels until we removed it for bottling in March of 2021. 15 month blend at time of bottling. Conditioned naturally inside the bottle. The grapes were grown by the talented folks at Jones von Drehle of Thurmond, North Carolina.

An elusive grape for us, we have been trying to get white grapes, specifically petit manseng grapes, for a very long time. Typically never as fruitful as the vineyard intended, Jones von Drehle has always been forced to keep this grape close to home. When the opportunity presented itself to obtain these grapes, we jumped in the truck and picked them up.

Boasting huge notes of funk, barrel depth and mineral rich white grapes, this delicate blend drinks like a spritzy and funky natty wine. Our fingers are crossed for more delicious white grapes in the future but in the meantime, drink it while you got it. Cheers!

ABV: 6.4%

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