Tiny Bubbles

4 pack cans


a crisp and crushable saison ale with chamomile flowers and aged hops.

Brewed in collaboration with Free Range Brewing of Charlotte, North Carolina. Quite possibly our oldest friends in this wild industry, we share a distinct passion for crafting beer with a sense of place and agricultural purpose.

Inspired by the little crushable rustic beers of Belgium that provided an early passion for both of our brewing techniques and pathways. This interpretation of one particular petit saison is crafted with local barley malt and a pinch of wheat malt. Fermented cool with our preferred saison yeast blend until bone dry, crisp and crushable. Conditioned on a delicate amount of chamomile flowers and aged hops.

As with many of our favorite saisons from Belgium, we love a “light struck” profile. Many breweries bottle in green glass to allow UV rays to penetrate the glass and “skunk” the beer inside. We decided to employ this technique during but since we are canning this beer, we decided to circulate the beer through sight glasses out in the sun for an experimental “skunking” affect.

This is one of our favorite beers we’ve created. Drink up!

ABV: 3.6%

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