Strawberry Saison

750ml bottle


a mixed-culture ale co-fermented local strawberries. 

Our second offering in a brand new experimental fruited co-fermented mixed-culture project, we have always blurred the lines with what beer could and should represent. Combining a few concepts we have long pioneered, this new fruited mixed ferm lineup won’t be that different from many of our previous fruited offerings. With natural wine becoming more and more of a powerhouse amongst consumers, this product line offers us the opportunity to appeal to both beer and wine drinkers alike. 

Showcasing the strawberry for this second offering seemed like the perfect fruit for us. Long known for embracing the strawberry and it’s fickle flavors in our mixed-ferm beers, this saison is basically the baby brother version to our beloved Rhythm Rug. 

Boasting a color reminiscent of a delicate orange wine and bottled in clear 750’s, this liquid is incredibly pleasing to the eye. With an aroma of spiced strawberry jam and ample barrel funk, we hope your taste buds are blurred and bewildered. 

ABV: 6.5%

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