Seasonal Creep

4 pack cans


an imperial stout boiled with hot granite rocks and steeped on fire-roasted apples and house-made caramel syrup

Brewed in collaboration with our Halloween homie and ultra radical artist Blake Ferguson for his annual art hanging at our original location in Morganton, NC. A long time coming, Blake also designed the label for this beer, which is only one of a handful of times an artist other than Woolly Press has found their way on one of our labels.

Quite possibly the most involved and exciting process-driven brew day we’ve ever had, which quite frankly says a whole lot about the experience if you ask me! In addition to the normal nature of adding hot granite rocks to boil the beer in our open top foudre, we also had not one but TWO different fires going to cook the other ingredients over coals. Above an open fire, we cooked down house-made oat milk and sugar into a sticky drizzle of caramel. Right next to that pot, we were roasting apples, over an open flame until perfectly caramelized.

Boasting a decadent imperial stout layered base complimented by swaths of sticky house-made dairy-free caramel and a kiss of roasted apple in the finish, this imperial stout is the perfect beer to satisfy those spooky October nights.

ABV: 8%

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