Pine Zips

4 pack cans


a coniferous india pale ale.

Mashed with local two-row pilsner malt along with a myriad of honey and biscuit malts for a full bodied mouthfeel with a deep golden appearance. Hopped intensely with amarillo along with pine-forward chinook and idaho 7. Double “pine-backed” on heaps of eastern white pine needles, foraged on the land of our appalachian farmhouse brewery. Fermented clean and crisp with our preferred ale yeast for a resinous mouthfeel and a decidedly dry finish. Incredibly aromatic with deep notes of pine (you know, from the actual pine tree that we added to this beer) Pine Zips ability to invoke a season is unlike anything we’ve experienced before. Please help us in making Pine Zips the official IPA of winter.

ABV: 7.5%

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