Pap Pap’s Salted Lager

4 pack cans


a dortmunder-style lagerbier blended with ancient appalachian sea salt.

Brewed with local pilsner malt along with a touch of carafoam for a boosted body and munich malt for a slight biscuit profile and a deep golden color. Delicately hopped with a traditional blend of European-grown perle and tettnanger hops. Fermented cool with our preferred lager yeast and conditioned cold for a dry, crisp and crushable finish.

Created in honor of my Pap Pap, Edward Shine, and a story he repeatedly told me, especially when I began brewing professionally. As a young man, my Pap Pap worked as a coal miner in western Pennsylvania. When he emerged from the mines with great thirst, he would crush lager at his local watering hole. By adding a dash of salt, he created a most crispy lager, making it the perfect post cave crusher.

ABV: 6%

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