Oh My Beautiful Ones

4 pack cans


a mead-inspired ale brewed with honey, peach leaves, red clover, yarrow and dry-hopped with nelson sauvin

Brewed in collaboration with Brit Josa, the magical maker behind Torches Ceremonials. The fourth collaboration in an endless series of botanical beers, this offering is truly imaginative and incredibly complex. Mashed with a simple and elegant grain build of local barley malt along with a pinch of flaked oats. Steeped on a lovers blend of locally gathered peach leaves, red clover and yarrow, dreamed up by the botanical badass herself. Topped off with buckets of local honey and sent into cool fermentation with our clean and crisp house saison yeast strain. Lightly dry-hopped with choice nelson sauvin hops, which compliment the botanicals and offers a glimpse of white grape and peach.

Stylistically, this is our beating heart. Trends force change but we always seem to find a way to visit old haunts. With an Appalachian bounty at our doorstep, it would be a sinful shame to let them slip away. So here we are, botanical by botanical, exclaiming at the top of our lungs, oh my beautiful ones.

ABV: 4.8%

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