Oak Stand

4 pack cans


schwarzbier brewed with estate-grown white oak

Brewed in collaboration with our good friends at Homeplace Beer Co. in Burnsville, North Carolina. Mashed with local barley malt along with just a dash of specialty malts to gain color and depth of flavor. Steeped on estate-grown white oak, harvested during the brew day from the back of our beautiful Whippoorwill Farm property. Fermented cool with our preferred house lager yeast and conditioned cold until crisp and crushable. A technique known as spunding, we closed off the fermentation vessel to allow all of the CO2 that would have otherwise been expelled. Though dark in color, this dark lager is crushable and dry on the palate. The addition of white oak transcends typical flavor profiles and offers unique vanilla and woody flavors with soft tannins on the finish. A house favorite, this style of brewing, along with the types of ingredients used, help define who we are as a brewery.

ABV: 6.5%

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