Might Could (available for pickup beginning 6/18)


a mixed-culture ale brewed with estate-grown cherrywood.

Waaaaaaaaaay back in June of 2019, our good friends from Little Fish Brewing in Athens, Ohio, agreed to come party down with us for our annual State of Origin beer festival we throw here in Morganton, NC. We figured since they were making the haul through the misty mountains of West Virginia to come see us, we might could work on a beer together.

As we spend a lot of time talking about the idea of “sense of place” around here, something that will always stick with me (Todd, hi!) is Ohio being the first place that offered me that. Having grown up in Cleveland, Ohio and spending some later years in Athens, collaborating with this truly rad little brewery is one way to tie both places together.

From them, they scrounged up some awesome caramelized and malted oats, courtesy of Haus Malts of Cleveland, Ohio. From us, we pointed out a downed cherry tree on our property and thought, “we might could use that wood in this beer”. And so we did and thus it was.

Mashed with local pilsner malt along with heaps of OH malted and caramelized oats for outrageous depth and complexity. Steeped on estate-grown cherrywood, which quite frankly contributes a gnarly amount of cherry/earth/forest floor profile that you didn’t even know you were looking for. Fermented with our mixed house cultures and conditioned in neutral wine barrels for nearly 16 months. Conditioned naturally inside the bottle and keg.

ABV: 7.1%

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