4 pack cans


a traditional springtime lagerbier.

Mashed with local pilsner malt along with a pinch of local Vienna and Munich malts. Moderately hopped with some of our favorite old world noble varieties. Fermented cool with our preferred house lager yeast and conditioned cold for nearly four additional weeks until remarkably smooth and crushingly crisp.

With suggestions of honey and lightly toasted bread, this beautifully golden lagerbier is the perfect way to celebrate the ushering of Spring.

Employing some incredibly technical brewing skills, Maibock went through a decoction step during the mash.. An old world practice, the process involves removing a portion of the main mash and bringing it up to a boil. Going through a series of steps, this process is said to provide a depth to the finished beer, not possible otherwise. In addition, a technique known as spunding, we closed off Maibock during fermentation in order to capture all of the CO2 being expelled and instead, trapping it into solution. The result yields an unparalleled crisp lager beer with tiny dancing bubbles which form a frothy rocky head.

Total production time of 6 weeks.

ABV: 6.4%

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