Gin BA Rhythm Rug (available for pickup beginning 11/6)

500 ml bottle


Appalachian wild ale fermented on local strawberries and finished in gin barrels

Appalachian wild ale brewed with local barley malt and cereal mashed with local raw wheat. Boiled extensively with burlap-aged hops. Fermented with our mixed house cultures in one of our beautiful 40Bbl foeders, meticulously crafted by our friends at Foeder Crafters of St. Louis, Missouri. Transferred into oak barrels for months of extended aging. Transferred out of oak onto a massive amount of whole, fresh, local strawberries courtesy as always of the incredible farmers at Barbee Farm of Concord, North Carolina. Fermented and aged on the strawberries for 3 months. Once off of the fruit, Rhythm Rug was racked into Tom Cat gin barrels for further maturation. Conditioned naturally inside the bottle and keg.

A few years back, we slumbered some Rhythm Rug inside of gin barrels for a draught-only taproom treat. Thrilled by the results, we decided to offer this spirit-aged version of our beloved Rhythm Rug in bottles for the very first time.

ABV: 6.4%

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