4 pack cans


a bourbon barrel-rested belgian-style winter warmer ale brewed with spices 

Mashed with a contemplative and complex blend of barley malt, sunset wheat and both light and dark munich malts, all courtesy of our buds at Riverbend Malt House. As per tradition, a massive amount of dark candi syrup was added to the boil for increased complexity, a boosted ABV and to facilitate a perceived dryness. Fermented with our house belgian yeast strain which provides wonderfully traditional phenolics up the nose. Briefly rested in bourbon barrels and from there conditioned on a delicate blend of spices that include coriander, nutmeg, orange peel, star anise and vanilla. 

Inspired by the longstanding tradition of Belgian breweries releasing special beers for the Christmas season, these were some of the early offerings that got us excited about what beer could be. Crushingly dry and alarmingly alcoholic, this Belgian beauty is all about balanced complexity. Boasting complex aromatics of spiced figgy pudding, bourbon-soaked raisin cake and orange shortbread cookies. 

ABV: 10%

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