Bloody Butcher

12 ounce bottle 4 pack


a mixed-culture ale brewed with heritage corn

Quite possibly the ingredient that most defines who we are as a brewery, bloody butcher corn has been cultivated in Appalachia since the early 1800’s. Named for its deep red color that was said to resemble a butcher’s apron, we were one of the first breweries to seek out and incorporate this beautiful red dent corn. Thanks to generations-old seed savers and a newfound interest from farmers, chefs and brewers, bloody butcher is making its way back out of the field and into your glass.

After a brief hiatus, we proudly re-introduce this house-favorite offering in a brand new format. Now showcased in four 12oz brown bottles, all tucked into a beautifully designed carrier case, these hand held, single serving treats deserve a spot in your fridge.

ABV: 5.2%

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