Blackberry Gose

12 ounce bottle 4 pack


a mixed-culture gose beer fermented with local blackberries and aged on fennel fronds and sea salt

Inspired by one of our early and now retired wild ale brands, we decided to reimagine this unique flavor combination into our ever-expanding mixed-culture gose series. Mashed with a distinct blend of local barley malt and local wheat malt. Fermented with our mixed house cultures in one of our beautiful American-made oak foeders. Transferred out of and aged additionally in wine barrels. Pulled out of the barrel and transferred onto a blend of second use local blackberries. Aged additionally on fennel fronds and finally blended with sea salt. Conditioned naturally inside the bottles and kegs.

Packaged in clear 12oz bottles to showcase the beautiful range of colors we achieve using whole, real fruit, we were one of the first packaging mixed-culture fruited gose beer in this format. Today’s gose beers are typically soured overnight in the brewing kettle at warmer temperatures. In stark contrast, we treat our gose beers the same way we would any of our other mixed-culture beers. The result is unrivaled complexity in a playful packaged offering.

ABV: 4.8%

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