Best Budz

4 pack cans


a double india pale ale, double dry-hopped with citra, ctz, mosaic and hemp flowers.

Mashed with local pilsner malt and heaps of flaked oats. Fermented with our preferred west coast IPA yeast strain. Hopped extra intensely with an aromatic blend of citra, mosaic and ctz and aged additionally on local NC hemp flowers courtesy of Queen Hemp Company of Charlotte, NC. Sharing similar organoleptic properties, there is no denying the wonderful connection between humulus lupulus and cannabis sativa. Though scientists are still debating how exactly they are related, the one thing we know is that they certainly are the best of budz. Boasting incredibly intense and complex aromatic compounds, this is the perfect beer for everyone’s favorite unofficial springtime holiday.

*Best Budz DOES NOT contain THC OR CBD.

ABV: 8.5%

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