Bad Seed

750ml bottle


Lox-inspired mixed-culture kvass beer aged on dill pollen, toasted sesame seeds and toasted poppy seeds

Here we have yet another dainty celebratory kvass-inspired beer in our ever-expanding bread-based beer catalog. Crafted in collaboration with our “bad seeded” bud, Rich Orris of Asheville, North Carolina. Mashed with heaps of his legendary everything bagels along with a blend of local barley, local wheat and smoked malt from our friends at Sugar Creek Malt Co. of Boone County, Indiana. Fermented with our mixed house cultures until bone dry. Aged additionally on a considerate blend of dill pollen, toasted sesame seeds and toasted poppy seeds. Conditioned naturally inside the bottle with brettanomyces yeast.

Sure, just reading the description could scare you away. We’d hope that by now, being the ones who have pioneered the kvass beer hybrid style, that you’d trust our ability to weave flavors together to ultimately create incredibly memorable and wildly flavorful little bread based bangers. Drink straight up. No need for schmear.

ABV: 2.8%

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