4 pack cans


a double dry-hopped india pale ale featuring rakau, wai-iti and motueka hops

Here in North Carolina, with naked trees and frosty mornings, winter has definitely set in. To help facilitate some warm and tropical vibes, we decided to draw inspiration from the Southern Hemisphere, where things are definitely a bit more vibrant. Our first time featuring only hops grown beneath the equatorial line, we are pleased to offer sunny day vibes in this brand new IPA.

Mashed with our desired blend of local two row barley malt along with a considerate amount of dextrin malt for a boosted body. Fermented with our preferred IPA yeast strain for a dry finish with a full hop flavor explosion. Hopped intensely in the whirlpool and the fermenter with rakau, wai-iti and motueka hops, all grown in the sunny Southern Hemisphere. While we don’t necessarily recommend taking a dip in the current frosty situation here at Lake James – we do think this beer could help transform the feeling of these snowy shores to something a bit more tropical.

ABV: 7.5%

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